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Buenos Aires, Argentina

International assignment as Entergy Corporation’s asset manager and member of Edesur S.A.’s executive management team.

Edesur, S.A. is an electric energy distribution company with $1,451.9 million in assets, $864.1 million in revenues, $159.8 million in EBITDA and $93.2 million in net income. Edesur serves over 2 million customers (1998 figures).


Achieved operational efficiency with special emphasis in outsourcing to improve cost-benefit ratio.

Reduced 1996 and 1997 overall costs of area of responsibility by 33% and 20%, respectively.

Successful development and implementation of benchmarking between Edesur and Edenor and also between Edesur and other distribution companies within the Enersis S.A. holding group in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Development and implementation of process improvements to reduce level of past due accounts.

Reduced headcount in area of responsibility, reorganized workload and implemented process improvements for the benefit of monthly board report and other products.



Coordinated Entergy’s tax, accounting, and legal matters including normalization of Entergy’s tax status. Responsible for timely payment of all applicable taxes for three Entergy companies operating in Argentina.

Payment of all applicable dividends, operator fee and any payment due from project companies to Entergy Corporation. Responsible for the integrity of the calculation of operator fee payment based on the applicable formula.

Responsible for the coordination for legal and accounting teams to liquidate two companies operating in Argentina.

Developed and implemented budgeting process for Entergy companies in Argentina.

Oversight responsibility for the valuation model of Entergy’s ownership in Edesur S.A. for the sale of such ownership.

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H (507) 210-1990 | C (507) 6536-6711
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